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Help us choose our top designs!

Please note: To optimize user experience, this survey is designed to be conducted on a desktop or laptop.

GreenMonkey Website & Design Survey.

Thank you for participating in our survey. We hope you enjoy our sneak preview of GreenMonkey designs.

The GreenMonkey store will be opening soon. Before making our products available to the public, we invite you to help us choose our top designs. To thank you for spending your time, you will be automatically registered for a chance to *WIN TEN FREE T-SHIRTS!


INSTRUCTIONS: Step one – Share your name, email address, and age range. Step two – Review the GreenMonkey website pages, use the main navigation, scroll, use links, then rate your overall experience, site design, and usability. Step three – Review our designs and rank them according to your liking. Use the main navigation, scroll over “Our Swag” and “Limited Editions” view the dropdown menu choices, then select each theme to progressively review designs.

*No purchase is necessary to be eligible to win. Submit your answers to our survey questions, and you will be automatically registered into our drawing to win ten tee-shirts. The winner will be selected randomly from survey participants and notified at a later date.


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