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Retail Bundle Options & Design Selections

Welcome to Ringo Town and thank you for choosing an RT bundle. We are honored to be given the opportunity to have the RT brand displayed in your business. Dig into the design options and choose from Ring Town’s infamous Streetwear with Attitude designs.


Please choose products and sizes wisely. All sales are final. No returns.

Click on each image gallery to view design options, and note your preferred design numbers and titles. Next, complete the form: Add your contact info and design selections based on your chosen bundle, then click the submit button. Ringo will contact you to confirm your choice of bundle and design selections and estimated costs. 

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Choose three (3) designs.

Here are your design choices: Select three (3) tee designs from the Eclectic-Canna, Dog Bites, or Bones & Boards bundle collections. Please choose designs and sizes 

HOOD AND CANNA – Click to enlarge images

DOG BYTES – Click to enlarge images

BONES & BOARDS – Click to enlarge images

Selection Form

Please complete this form and submit your order.

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Ringo Bundels 2 [Recovered]-20.png


Choose two (2) cap designs. Just a reminder that the Tee’s Only Bundle does not include Caps, Pup Bandannas, and Stickers. Click to enlarge images.