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ACCEPTANCE. Providing your information and clicking the Submit button does not guarantee you will be selected as a Ringo Town Brand Ambassador. Ringo Town reserves the right to approve or reject submitted applications. Note: Only approved applicants/individuals will be notified. Ringo Town will notify selected applicants/individuals, confirm their information, item selections, and sizes, then ship ten (10) selected Ringo Town apparel items. For the receipt of free apparel items, selected Ringo Town Brand Ambassadors/Individuals agree to the following.

This agreement is between two parties, collectively (Collaborators), also known herein as (Ambassador) and (Promotor). Collaborators agree that the following provisions are incorporated into the agreement, which is agreed upon when the Ambassador signs on the date of digital signature submission. Collaborators agree that the terms of this agreement prevail over the terms of any other document relating to and a part of the contract in which this attachment is incorporated. 

1. COMPLETION DATE: It is contemplated that the Work will begin on a mutually agreed date to be determined after the Ambassador receives Promotor apparel items/products. Collaborators must complete contributions within Ten to Fifteen weeks from the mutually agreed start date or by the dates included in an agreed schedule to be determined. If the Ambassador fails to do so, the Collaborators can mutually agree, in writing, to extend the time for completion. 

2. LEAVING THE COLLABORATION: If a Collaborator is unwilling to continue or complete their commitment/obligations, the Collaborators shall enter into a written agreement setting forth the rights of the withdrawing Collaborator, of which includes compensation of sales generated prior to withdrawing. Copyright ownership, will remain the property of Ringo Town. 

Suppose either Collaborator expires or suffers a disability that will prevent completion of their respective portion of the Work/obligations, a revision thereof, or a sequel. In that case, the deceased or disabled Collaborator shall receive payments on goods sold according to the revenue sharing percentage agreed to within this agreement owed before the collaborator's separation. Each Collaborator now agrees that the remaining Collaborator(s) shall have the sole power to license and contract for the Work, and approval of the personal representative, heirs, or conservator of the deceased or disabled Collaborator shall not be required. 

3. COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP: Ringo Town reserves full copyright ownership of all graphic designs, including digital communications, website landing pages, social media posts, and reposts added to Ringo Town Apparel and Ringo Town USA's social media channels (pages), and websites during and after the collaboration. The unauthorized reproduction of Ringo Town (Promoter) products and communications is strictly prohibited and only allowed by written consent. The Ambassador can extend the collaborative relationship beyond the Ten to Fifteen-week promotional/collaborative period/engagement for a negotiated and agreed monthly fee (To Be Determined) and mutually agreed upon in writing.

4. COMPENSATION: (Monetary) Ambassador will receive 20% of goods sold. Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing, all revenue from the collaboration generated by online apparel product sales shall be divided 80/20 split, 80 percent Promotor, and 20 percent Ambassador. Compensation payment for goods sold with be paid upon the completion of the promotional/collaborative period/engagement. Compensation will be sent by digital transfer into Ambassadors Bank account or Venmo account. In addition, Partner and Ambassador will be compensated by the following services and deliverables:

As a Ringo Town Ambassador you'll receive the following:

  1. Custom Apparel Line: Graphic design is applied to a combination of up to Ten (10) apparel products: Men/Women and Unisex tee shirts, caps, sneakers, hoodies, and swimwear. Includes apparel printing as orders are placed.

  2. Apparel Brand Name and Logo: An apparel brand name and logo design

  3. Landing Page: A promotional single-page (scroll-down) website designed in your branded image, highlighting stats, a personal statement, charities/partner/sponsor logos (if any), and mobile (responsive) site.

  4. Online Storefront – enabling online sales: Apparel products, order management, eCommerce – shopping cart, order processing, transaction payment processing, and shipping/delivery. 

  5. Sponsors, Partners, and Charities: Sponsors/partners/charities logos (if any) added to your landing page. Note: Aside from collaborative agreement, brands added to your landing page can be sold.

  6. Revenue Sharing: We will share 20% of the revenue of all your branded products sold.

  7. Social Media – Posts and Reposts: Add likes and followers when you post images (pics/photos) and videos (reels/vids) wearing custom-branded apparel, we will repost them on its Ringo Town Instagram and Facebook pages, followed by 70,000 people, resulting in additional exposure and traffic for our pages.

  8. Promotional Video: Send us your photos and videos, and Armbar/Ringo Town USA will create a 30 second promotional video for you. The video will be sent to you to use as a promotional social post, and we will also post the video on Ringo Town Instagram and Facebook pages.

  9. Connecting Links: We will add links connecting your social media pages to your landing page.


Ambassador deliverables and commitments to Promoter.

  1. Signing-Up: Complete the commitment agreement form and click submit.

  2. Social Media Assets: Shoot photos (pictures/pics) and videos (reels/vids), modeling and highlighting custom apparel in different settings, Shoot photos (pics) and reels (vids) wearing your custom apparel brand in different settings, training gyms, social events, competitions, home life, urban (city) environments, and just having fun. Please share the assets with us.

  3. Capture Reviews: When you add posts wearing branded apparel, we encourage you to ask fans to send comments. A form will be available on your landing page to capture reviews as they are sent. We will add the customer reviews to your landing page.

  4. Collaborative Posts: A minimum of one image (pic/photo/selfie) and one video (reel/vid) posted for Ten (10) to Fifteen (15) consecutive weeks on your social media channels pages, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter.


5. CREDIT: Social media posts and reposts shall contain the following credit line: Checkout for more designs and follow Ringotownusa on Instagram. Include hashtags #(your name), #ringotown, #ringotownusa, #streetwear, #vibes, #myapparel, #graphictees #surf #surfing, #sk8, #skateboading, #cannavibe. Also, include a brief caption/message and the location of posts.

6. DECISION MAKING: All brand design decisions as it relates to the creation of the Partner’s apparel brand name, brand logo, landing page (website) content (copy), including adding partner/sponsor logos affecting the Work shall be made jointly by the Collaborators, and no sale, disposition, licensing, or other agreement with a third party shall be valid without the written consent of all the Collaborators. 

7. PAYMENTS: Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing, all money accruing from the collaboration generated by online sales of apparel products shall be divided 80/20% split, 80 percent Promotor, and twenty percent Partner. The Promoter will use Venmo to digitally transfer 20% of online sales generated due to the collaboration into a provided Partner Venmo account. The transfer will occur upon completing the Partner and Promoter Ten-to-Fifteen-week engagement period.

8. EXPENSES: All expenses incurred in creating the Work shall be paid by the Promoter and purchasers of branded apparel products.

9. NO PARTNERSHIP: This collaborative agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which the collaborators will join efforts to complete a specific project. It is important to note that this agreement does not establish a legally formalized business partnership relationship between the collaborators.

10. DERIVATIVE WORKS: The Collaborators agree that none will incorporate material based on or derived from the Work in any subsequent work without the written consent of the other Collaborator(s). 

11. WARRANTIES AND INDEMNITIES: Collaborators represent and warrant to each other that: each is free to enter into this agreement; all contributions to the Work are original or all necessary permissions and releases have been obtained and paid for; and no intellectual property rights have been infringed upon, or other laws violated. Each Collaborator agrees to indemnify the other(s) for any loss, liability, or expense resulting from the actual breach of these warranties. 

12. ASSIGNMENT, ENTIRETY OF AGREEMENT, GOVERNING, JURISDICTION, AND MEDIATION: This agreement can only be assigned or transferred with the written consent of the other Collaborators. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Collaborators. No modification shall be enforceable except in writing and signed by the Collaborators hereto. The laws of the state of Texas shall govern this agreement. If any dispute arising under this agreement results in litigation, arbitration, or mediation, such action or proceeding shall be brought within the state or federal courts of Dallas, Texas. Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be regulated under Texas state laws and legal procedures.

13. SEVERABILITY: Suppose any provision of this agreement or the application thereof is held invalid. In that case, the invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of this agreement that can be given effect without the invalid conditions or application, and to this end, the provisions of this agreement are declared severable.

14. ELIGIBILITY: Must complete agreement and submit, Ambassador can be male or female of ages 18-35 and physically attractive and in fit condition.


Thanks for submitting!

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